Our Leadership Team

United by a desire to use technology to improve how financial markets operate, our leadership team has grown from two in 2010 to the full cast you see here today.

We believe passionately in maintaining the integrity of the financial markets. To do this we need the brightest and the best from many different backgrounds.  We celebrate our successes, learn from our failures and challenge everyone to deliver their best.

Neil Walker

CEO & Chair

Michael Coats

CTO & Board Member

Elaine Thomas


Sally Hayes


Michael McNeil

Chief Revenue Officer

Lee Jones

Chief Client Officer

Oliver Hodson

Engineering COO

David Hesketh

Non-Executive Director

Will Meldrum

Non-Executive Director

Eleanor Wood

Head of Legal & Compliance

Adam Zerny

Global Head of New Business

Tony Main

Global Head of Client Implementation

Daniel Weinerman

Head of North America

Jennifer Hsieh

Head of APAC

Shayne Ganeson

Head of Canada

Callum Hart

Head of Human Resources

Shavak Sinanan

Head of MAST

Oliver Tuch

Head of RTMS

Matteo Porro

Head of TEAM

Georgios Tsounis

Head of AML

Chris Williams

Head of Analytics

Jack Phelan

Head of Batch

Leonie Campbell-King

Head of Client Contracts

Max Hawkins

Head of Client Implementation – Automation

Josephine Marsden

Head of Corporate & Employment

Nick Buckner

Head of Fabric

Kiich Kanai

Head of Infrastructure

Gavin Shanks

Head of Market Data

Arjun Uppal

MAST Product Manager

Stacey Hammel

Head of Offices & Administration

Aisling Mannion

Head of Procurement, IP & Regulation

Edward Selby

Head of Product

Lea Buzingo

Head of Project Management

Steve Taylor

Head of QA

Nick Johnson

Head of Services

Brian Foley

Head of UI