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The most sophisticated trade surveillance solution available

Improve your detection of market abuse, reduce false positives and prioritise high-risk alerts.

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Protect your firm from market abuse

MAST is the industry-leading trade surveillance solution, trusted by some of the largest financial institutions in the world. Watch this video to learn how MAST can help you keep your firm safe and your regulators satisfied.

Leading the way in trade surveillance

MAST solves surveillance challenges in unique and innovative ways. The advantages MAST provides to our customers have fuelled the integration of MAST across all financial markets.
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Cross-product abuse - a key differentiator

We worked with one of our global investment bank customers, Société Générale, to enhance their existing trade surveillance tools and expand their cross-product abuse capabilities.

What makes MAST different?

True cross-product abuse detection

Modelling the behaviour of correlated instruments empowers MAST to automatically identify situations where a trader has used correlated instruments to commit market abuse. This is particularly crucial in fixed income markets where MAST's abilities are unparalleled.


Through our Calculation as a Service framework, you have capacity to augment, customise and build new solutions for your individual surveillance use cases.

Comprehensive coverage

Providing coverage across all asset classes and market abuse types, including complex products such as OTC derivatives, assures surveillance teams that their coverage concerns are dealt with.

Severity-based alerts

MAST qualifies the scale of risk by providing a USD value for each alert. This helps you prioritise the alerts that present the most risk.



Fewer false positives

Built on mathematical models, MAST is inherently more capable of screening out false positives.


MAST adapts dynamically to changes in market conditions, auto-calibrating customer parameters and thresholds in times of market instability.
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Are you keeping regulators satisfied?

Trying to navigate global regulatory rules to ensure your surveillance systems cover all market abuse risk behaviours is challenging. Download our market abuse matrix to see how MAST covers all the regulatory market abuse types.

To learn more about MAST’s comprehensive coverage and customisation capabilities, as well as how it is uniquely suited to detect cross-product abuse, download the MAST brochure.

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Access our material to learn more about MAST and the ways we can help you advance your trade surveillance function.

MAST - Key Benefits

Understand how MAST's capabilities exceed legacy rules-based systems as a fundamentally better trade surveillance solution.

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Fixed Income Coverage

Learn about our fixed income coverage and the unique capabilities we can provide you within this asset class.

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In this factsheet we explore some of the drawbacks of rules-based systems and how MAST addresses them.

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Thought Leadership

Download some of our content to get a better understanding of the way we view market abuse and how fundamentally different it is to our competitors.

The Challenges of Fixed Income Surveillance Series - Part One

In Part One, we introduce the challenges of fixed income surveillance and why a risk-based approach is the answer.

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The challenges of fixed income surveillance series - part Two

Part Two explores market manipulation and how we can use market impact models to address the challenges of fixed income trade surveillance.

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The challenge of fixed income surveillance series - Part Three

In Part Three, we discuss market abuse utilising multiple products, also known as cross-product abuse, with a focus on the fixed income asset class.

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Advance your surveillance function

Let us help you improve your detection of market abuse with a risk-based approach that empowers you to focus on the highest-risk transactions threatening your firm.