Analyse the trade execution that you receive or provide. Ensure either that you work with the best brokers, or that your brokers are the best.

Transaction Efficiency
& Accuracy Monitor

Analyse Best Execution

TEAM provides industry leading best execution analysis across a vast range of exchange traded and OTC instruments. It enables both buy-side and sell-side users to locate their brokers most skilled in delivering best execution. TEAM permits you both to meet your obligations under MIFiD II and improve your bottom line.

Estimate the Mid-Price

TEAM employs market-leading machine-learning techniques to accurately assess the mid-market price of all but the most illiquid assets at all points in time.

Analyse Transaction Costs

Using its accurate estimate of the mid-price, TEAM provides an excellent assessment of your execution costs, even in unlit markets where price transparency is poor.

Comply with MIFiD II

TEAM allows you to comply with MIFiD II’s requirement to provide best execution. It also automatically generates the RTS 28 reports that MIFiD II requires.

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