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Holistic transaction analytics with a focus on best execution

Best execution

Challenges firms face

Companies use a variety of transaction analytics tools in front, middle and back-office applications resulting in disconnected, inefficient technology stacks with a subsequent high cost of ownership. Incomplete solutions to bespoke problem-sets pose significant implementation and change management challenges. Data governance and visibility is especially challenging in convoluted systems environments.
Best execution

The solution

TEAM is an all-in-one Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), combining market-leading transaction visualisation, analytics and alerting modules with an accessible development environment for bespoke analytics and reports suiting your precise requirements. Our customers are using TEAM in firm-wide applications including trader performance, cost optimisation, price optimisation, best execution, mandate compliance and scheduled reporting.

What makes TEAM unique?

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    Transaction analytics and consortium access

    Analytics modules utilise market data, consortium data and proprietary algorithms to produce accurate, explainable execution analysis against continuous price series even in unlit markets.

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    Rich, customisable trade visualisation

    TEAM permits open, multi-dimensional trade comparison by trader, book, broker, venue, counterparty, mandate, trade economics and bespoke inputs. This is essential in trend analysis for trader performance, reporting and mandate compliance.

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    PaaS & IDE for bespoke modules

    Create analytics to suit any requirement for metric, pattern recognition, alerting and internal/external reporting. Schedule analytics processing and report generation as-and-when you need it.

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    Low cost of ownership, optimised for integration

    One platform for multiple transaction analytics applications. TEAM’s PaaS environment expedites data integration and reporting for implementation and change management process.

Best-ex compliance

TEAM’s ability to monitor execution costs in opaque markets, meaningful peer comparison via its consortium feature, its case management and CaaS custom reporting functionality makes for a compelling unified solution in global compliance.

Price optimisation

Compare execution offered to customers relative to peers. See where competitors are offering better prices and adjust to win business.

Surplus execution costs

Reporting on total surplus execution costs by trader name, counterparty name and instrument name.

Fund mandate compliance

Funds offered by firms usually declare the investment rules they will follow. Monitor for trading activity that falls outside of the fund mandate based on exact requirements against each trade.



Data governance and change management

Verify input data sets were consistent during comparison between product versions, ensuring proper data governance.

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