Detect instances of market abuse with a series of best-in-class models, accurately picking the signal from the noise.

Market Abuse
Surveillance Tool

Locate Market Abuse

MAST is the industry-leading product for detecting cases of potential market abuse. It covers a wide range of behaviours, including insider trading, spoofing, and front running. MAST’s models intelligently adapt to market conditions to identify abuse directly out of the box. With MAST’s accurate analysis you significantly reduce your risk of regulatory fines.

Reduce False Positives

MAST’s accuracy allows you to shift your attention away from false positives and focus on the cases most worthy of investigation.

Reduce Maintenance

MAST’s models do not require you to waste resources creating and managing a tangled network of fixed rules and parameters.

Identify Sophisticated Abuse

MAST locates complex forms of cross-product abuse where a trader has used nominally separate instruments to exploit a common factor.

"Game changing." "Game changing."

Alan Lovell, Global Head of Surveillance, HSBC

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