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Improve your detection of money laundering in financial markets

Existing AML solutions monitoring financial markets typically have a fragmented understanding of customer risk, as they predominantly focus on KYC and settlement data and lack the ability to accurately analyse trade behaviour. This makes them unable to build a comprehensive picture of the money laundering risk that a particular customer poses.

To address both the growing regulatory concerns in this space and the deficiencies of existing AML solutions, we developed AMLA.
Financial markets AML

Protect your firm from financial crime

AMLA is an AML transaction monitoring tool specifically developed to detect suspicious activity in the financial markets. It employs sophisticated metrics to identify high-risk patterns of trading behaviour. Together with settlement risk and KYC information, AMLA is able to provide an overall customer risk assessment - enabling analysts to prioritise the riskiest customers to investigate.

How can AMLA help you?

Improve detection of financial markets money laundering

Analysing trade, KYC and settlement data together offers a more holistic analysis reflective of each customer's overall risk.

Prioritise customers that pose the greatest risk

Providing an overall risk score for each customer enables surveillance teams to identify the highest-risk customer. For each customer, AMLA flags the riskiest metrics, days, instruments, and associated trades to aid investigation.

Uncover hidden customer networks

Analysing trade economics means AMLA can detect hidden connections by assessing the likelihood and frequency at which risk is offset from one customer to another. This is key for detecting mirror trading. 



Informed customer investigations

The customer risk scorecard provides surveillance analysts with a customer risk summary, informing them of any concentrated risk particularly by metric, day, instrument or trade. This ultimately helps direct analysts to the primary focus of their investigation. 

Investigate risks efficiently

The customisable case management system means that customers of varying risk levels immediately reach the appropriate surveillance tier.

Money laundering in financial markets

In this report, we discuss the growing attention that regulators are placing on financial markets money laundering and the reasons why banks need to focus on this.

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Improve your detection of money laundering in financial markets