CaaS Reporting and Analytics

Build custom solutions to your unique problems with our big data analytics platform

The challenges that banks are facing

Most global banks are facing similar challenges in the big data, analytics and reporting spaces. Calculation as a Service (CaaS) is uniquely built to solve these challenges.
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    Operational setup

    Every financial institution structures their operations differently, and this necessitates tailored solutions to meet these custom needs.

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    Business needs

    Changes in business needs often need to be dealt with urgently (for example, emerging regulation), requiring an agile platform which allows you to react effectively, and at pace.

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    Calculation environments are fractured

    Most banks have myriad different systems housing trade data. Combining data from all these systems and producing actionable business analysis from them is often challenging.

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    Calculation tools are inefficient

    This often makes the problem worse and results in the need for more and more expensive hardware.

How CaaS can help

CaaS gives you access to the infrastructure that sits at the core of each of our products. By utilising this, you are empowered to design and build custom solutions to solve your unique problems.

Now you can cover your compliance gaps, react quickly to business or regulatory changes, build reports, and scale the analysis of your trade data in a far more efficient way than with existing methods.

Capabilities CaaS provides you

Run standard reports

Improve your trade surveillance reporting capabilities by utilising our standard reports such as inbox reports, rejection reports and more.

Define and run custom reports

Satisfy your bespoke requirements by creating and running your own custom reports in line with the criteria you set, such as Trade and Order Link reports, and WORM reports, among others.

Customise existing controls

Tailor existing controls to meet specific requirements that fall outside of the standard TradingHub product framework, such as customised Layering and Spoofing or Front Running controls.

Build your own metrics

Develop your own controls that fall outside of those provided by our products, such as Exchange Rules, Credit Risk Limits and more.

Non-surveillance big data use cases

Utilise our infrastructure and calculation runtime to build custom risk and big data solutions, such as STOR Reporting and Mandate Monitoring, among others.

CaaS Use Cases

Download our factsheets to understand the different ways that you can use CaaS.

Get complete customisation

Together we can help you cover your compliance gaps and build risk and big data solutions that save you both time and cost.