Uncover money laundering in the capital markets via sophisticated models that directly analyse transaction data to detect unusual behaviour and expose suspicious customer networks.

Anti Money
Laundering Assistant

Uncover Money Laundering

AMLA quantifies the risk of potential money laundering through a “follow the money” approach. Its cutting-edge models identify the key red flags of money laundering, such as uneconomic trading and sudden changes in behaviour. Using a proprietary algorithm, AMLA also reveals hidden connections between your clients to uncover suspicious networks.

Uncover Hidden Networks

Analysing trade data, AMLA identifies hidden connections between distinct customers which may not have been identified during client due dilligence.

Identify Complex Crimes

AMLA uncovers sophisticated patterns of behaviour such as mirror trades and transfer of wealth via off-market transactions.

Reduce False Positives

AMLA analyses trade data in the capital markets to detect suspicious behaviour. Our model-based approach greatly reduces false positives, allowing you to focus on the cases that matter most.

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