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Financial institutions are complex and diverse enterprises. Individual firms have their own unique set of capabilities and operating requirements. As a direct response to this, we have built a powerful financial analytics platform that is entirely customisable.

Our customers can leverage our analytical strength and apply it to a variety of unique use cases. This platform powers all our product-specific solutions which are listed below. As a direct result of the flexibility of the platform, all product-specific solutions are customisable, giving our customers the ability to shape products for their unique needs, add functionality, create bespoke controls and reports, and even plug their own proprietary models. 

Compliance solutions at scale

The breadth and depth of our customer partnerships gives us insight across the financial markets ecosystem.
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What makes us different?


Through our Calculation as a Service framework, you have the capability to augment, customise and build new solutions for your individual use cases. 

Comprehensive coverage

Our products have been designed to cover all asset classes and abuse types, including complex products such as OTC derivatives.

Risk-based alerts

Our risk-based approach allows us to understand the trades that pose the greatest risk to your firm, so that you know which alerts to prioritise and investigate first. 

Built with a trader's mindset

We've built our products using mathematical models that seek to understand the theoretical market impact of trades. This gives us the ability to understand the intent of the trader; a primary concern for regulators.


Our products adapt dynamically to changes in market conditions, auto-calibrating parameters and thresholds in times of market instability. This eradicates the need to manually adjust thresholds and parameters and, crucially, dramatically reduces false positives in times of market volatility.

Domain expertise

Our senior leaders have extensive financial markets expertise, with many previously working in senior front office roles at the world's leading banks.

What our customers say

We have worked with one of our global investment banking customers, Société Générale, to enhance their existing trade surveillance tools.

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