Identify, investigate, and report unauthorized trading that might otherwise lead to catastrophic losses.

Rogue Trader
Metrics System

Reveal Rogue Traders

RTMS analyses a trader’s activity and identifies key markers of rogue trading, such as hidden positions and artificially smoothed P&L. It uses a series of models that identify forms of unauthorised trading with unparalleled accuracy. RTMS allows you to focus on key cases and significantly reduce your risk of losses.

Catch Rogue Traders Early

RTMS provides an ongoing surveillance capability you can proactively use to identify rogue traders before they incur significant losses.

Focus on High Risk Cases

The accuracy of RTMS allows you to focus on alerts that capture the riskiest cases. It is the only product of its kind with an audited high capture rate and low false positive rate.

Avoid Losses

Rogue trading can lead to losses so large that their threat is at times existential. RTMS significantly reduces the likelihood of such severe losses.

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