Review the performance of your portfolio managers or traders with an advanced series of proprietary metrics that build a quantitative view of trading skill.


Review PM and Trader Performance

Profiling reveals which PMs or traders are lucky and which are quantitatively superior. It employs a series of behavioural metrics to assess skill, providing a range of scores and rankings that enable you to accurately review how effective your PMs or traders are. Profiling’s facilitates the improvement of both performance and profits.

Identify Strong PMs and Traders

Profiling accurately identifies which of your PMs or traders possess the highest skill and best trading ability. To do so, it analyses a series of elements ranging from market prediction to exit strategy.

Improve Performance

Profiling generates detailed performance feedback regarding trading style and overall ability. This allows you to provide clear directions on how to improve results.

Increase Profits

By allowing you to improve performance and invest in your best performers, Profiling enables you to increase the profits your teams generate.

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