Our Culture​

A company’s culture is the set of basic assumptions, beliefs, learned behaviours, values and norms shared among a company’s employees.

Our culture is who we are and who we aspire to be.

Companies can have levels of values and here you will see two sets of values for TradingHub – foundational and core.

Our foundation reflects the minimum behavioural and social standards required of all of us. They don’t differentiate us in the market but they do make TradingHub a good place to work.

Our core values are the source of our distinctiveness in the market and are unique to TradingHub. These serve as our cultural cornerstones and also make TradingHub a good place to work. 

Core Values

We Forge Our Own Path

We do things differently. Phrases like “everyone else does it this way” or “we have always done it this way” are anathema to our ears.

Hands On

We lead by demonstrating and doing, not just telling others to do something. We have a hands-on culture where everyone contributes directly.

Abstract Problems

Identifying what problems have in common and how we can share the solutions is the best approach to solving things once and forever.


We automate everything that we can. Do it once, do it twice, automate.

Re-invent Roles

We have the ambition and confidence to know that our skills will always be valued, and that interesting work will be available to us.


We want people to enjoy and feel fulfilled working at TradingHub. We are aware that there will always be pressure and competing priorities and we work together to find the best way to match skills and capacity to deliver whilst maintaining wellbeing.

Trust and Confidentiality

Our clients trust us with their highly confidential data. We will act to be worthy of that trust.


Be Decent

We clearly value integrity, honesty, diversity and inclusion. This should be obvious to all of us and acting accordingly should go without saying.

Be Proud

We expect our people to work hard and care deeply about the quality of the work that they produce.

Be Nice

We all spend a lot of time at work, so we need to get on. We expect our staff to be nice to each other, be polite and behave professionally at all times.

Work as a Team

We are a team above all else. While some tasks require us to work alone, usually we work as part of a team. This is fundamental to developing strong products and the best client experience. We are here to help each other and never look to exploit others failures for our own gain.

Own It

We expect everyone to act as if they were part owners in the company. If there is rubbish on the floor we expect them to pick it up and not treat it like someone else’s problem – literally and metaphorically.

Be Authentic

People show up as who they really are. They look to support and encourage those around them and not exploit colleagues mistakes or failures.

Be Humble

No hubris. We remain humble and accept that we have the same faults as everyone else. The day that we believe that no-one else can do what we do is the day we fail.

Be Transparent and Open

We try to be as open and transparent as possible. Everyone has open access to anyone in the company.