TradingHub helps financial institutions maintain the integrity of the markets by detecting and preventing financial crime. We are problem solvers driven by the principle that financial markets should be honest, fair and efficient.


TradingHub was founded in 2010 by former investment bankers who sought to apply their knowledge of the trading floor to regulatory products. In 2018, the UK Department of Trade recognised TradingHub as winners of the International Board of Trade Awards in recognition of our contributions to international trade and investment. Today TradingHub sits at the vanguard of behavioural finance, reflected in the sophistication of our models and the calibre of our clients.


TradingHub provides trade data analytics to the financial services industry. Among our clients are global banks, leading asset managers, hedge funds and major regulatory institutions. Sophisticated, market-leading analytic techniques are used throughout the product suites to produce accurate and actionable results. The Market Abuse Surveillance Tool (MAST) locates suspected instances of market abuse. Our tools operate across all asset classes and product types. They scale up to global enterprise levels of trade and order data. Combining that level of flexibility with the sophistication of their analysis, the tools have earned a place at the leading edge of the market.


Our people are our most valuable asset. They are highly skilled problem solvers who believe challenges represent opportunities. Together with the firm’s entrepreneurial spirit, their unique passions and backgrounds contribute to a diverse, creative and vibrant environment. Please get in touch and join our growing community.

We have internship and graduate opportunities available throughout the year, please get in touch if you are interested. We would love to hear from you.